Rapid Eye Technology Training

The Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Institute is a licensed vocational career school with courses available in a home study course format.

The Rapid Eye Technology Technician Course is a complete program consisting of 4 phases.
Completion of all 4 phases totaling 100 hours is required to be a certified RET Technician.
This course of 100 hours can be completed anytime during a 1 year agreement or you can renegotiate for more time if needed.

You may purchase the course all at once or do a pay as you go program with the following 4 phases.

1. Immediate Release Techniques (IRT).  You receive a certificate for IRT Practitioner for completing this phase.

2. Learning and facilitating New Skills for life. You receive A Skills for Life Facilitator certificate for completing this phase.

3. Life Coaching. You receive a Life Coach certificate for completing this phase.

4. Rapid Eye Technology techniques and processes – putting the other 3 phases together into a complete model.
A certificate is given upon completion of this phase, which includes a four and one half day RET Certification or making arrangements to provide video evidence of skill acquisition. Prerequisite: completion of the first three phases. Click Here to Register Now

Thank you for mentioning you were referred by Sushila Mertens when you sign up for RET.

Registration form, costs, calendar, and more  at http://rapideyetechnology.com

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