Peace with Our Bodies

My intention for this session is to explore how we experience peace with our bodies and to remember that our thoughts and emotions including unconscious beliefs and buried feelings affect our body and inner peace.

Do you love your body? Do you hate any part of your body? Do you appreciate the miracle of your human form and any physical challenges that you were born with or created through actions including the food you choose to eat? Your body is perfectly created for whatever reasons or life lessons you have. Opening to unconditional love and feeling peace with your body ripples peace from inside out. How open are you? Are you going to have peace with your body on this journey or are you going to fight it the entire time?

What part of your body disturbs your peace? Legs, nose, hair, ears, butt, thighs, lips, belly, or something else? Where did all this self-loathing come from? It’s no surprise it came from industries that want you to compare yourself with air brushed unattainable symmetrical models of one chosen standard of beauty, in the same way that men chose what qualified as art master pieces throughout the centuries. It wants to sell you products and services for implants and reconstruction and make you want to look like something that you think you are supposed to be.

As you read this notice any resistance or willingness to explore or wonder about your relationship with your body and how peaceful you are within it. Your physical experience of your body is just one layer of your relationship with peace. Any part you hate actually picks up and emanates the feeling. All of you is a living entity and that unloved part is not feeling a part of the whole. This may sound a little strange. If some part of you asks, “How do I love all of me?”, our current time and access to wholeness will support you.

The current shifts in consciousness are allowing us to let go of all the man-made concepts and beliefs and return back to our inner connection, truth, and peace that always existed. Our bodies are part of the natural cycle of life and death. Everything in between is your choice if you choose. This goes back to personal responsibility and empowerment, letting go of victim and blaming. Making friends with your body is a first step.

Mirror work that includes forgiveness and releasing is a powerful body learning to practice that I include in my coaching. To become aware of any blocks to self-love, look into a mirror and say “I love you, I love you just the way you are.” Notice all the feelings that arise. Ask yourself “How accepting and nurturing am I of myself?” On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you rate your self love?

Perhaps the thought of self-love or the lack of it triggers strong emotions. There are many tools that can help you release emotional triggers that may arise. Check out the Activating Peace Inside Out Tool Kit, create your own tool kit,  learn to practice self-care or schedule a session with a professional therapist or coach.

Here is a suggestion to dialogue with your body in your peace journal. Notice any part of your body that is trying to get your attention. Perhaps it hurts or you ignore it regularly. Pretend it could talk to you. What would it say?
“Hello knee. I notice you are experiencing pain. What would you like to tell me? How can I take better care of you?”

Assessment: Body

Using a 1 – 10 rating, 1 = Never, 10 = Always, where are you now in each of these statements.

  • I appreciate and love my entire body.
  • I practice self-care and give myself nourishing foods, exercise, sleep, and relaxation.
  • I let go of comparing my body to others.
  • My nervous system and body support my inner peace.

We are not talking perfection, only progress. Celebrating each step you take towards loving your body will keep your attention on progress. You are not alone. We are walking into a new way of honoring the physical and material world. What questions or insights arise for you about being peace in your physical form?

I welcome your questions and insights on our Activating Peace Inside Out Community facebook page.

Namaste, the best in me sees and appreciates the best in you.
Sushila Mertens