Peace with Money

My intention for this blog is to explore my assumptions and relationship with money and to welcome money  peacefully into my life. Becoming peace filled around money is a different paradigm than thinking of ways to earn money. My assumption that my life choices would not be based on the amount of money I would receive was not necessarily helpful to my finances. Receiving a reading in my youth that informed me I had many lifetimes of being rich and famous and it distracted me from my spiritual growth also influenced my choices. Even though I worked over 40 hours weekly for over 30 years, I was never had salaries that paid for the level of my education and service. My assumptions had influenced my relationship with money. For many years, I did not consider changing my circumstances to earn more because I enjoyed my job.

Money can bring enjoyment and pleasure that increases the level of comfort and desires for the body and mind. The catch or trap occurs if my happiness or state of peace becomes dependent on sustaining the level of comfort and pleasure. Increasing needs demand increasing income. Any decrease to or removal of my expectations might arouse discomfort, fear, anger. My survival mechanisms of fight flight or freeze may activate.

There is increasing disparity between the 1% richest and the 99% rest of humanity. The top percent are beyond being billionaires and the poorest have no food or shelter. This outside picture can attempt to discourage me and lead me down a road of blame and lack. Or I can stay open to the richness of life that is defined by me.  I have experienced great happiness during times in my life with minimum stuff, living off the grid without running water and electricity, camping in the woods, or visiting the Rain Forest.  My life force was supported by connection to nature and life itself.

Watch the mind. Is it judging or discounting that flow of life force or prosperity is always activated? Can you enjoy your life if you don’t work 40+ hours a week, invest in the stock market, or save money for retirement?

I now see money as an energy tool that I welcome into my life. I can use the energy:
to buy or grow organic food; to travel and enjoy this beautiful planet; to express my inside experiences through art, to expand my understanding through experiences or learning; to enjoy the creativity of others; to uplift the experiences of others; to be in the flow of creation.

Everything material in my life is material energy. All things, including my body, are impermanent. Attachment to any possession can delude me to take actions like defending, lying, and committing violence to myself, others, or the environment. Money can be a blessing or a weapon of mass destruction. Money can build schools and bridges or drones and wars. Money can own me or I can own money. I can live my life working for money to sustain me or expect prosperity from participation in creation. It could look the same on the outside but the energy from the inside could be supportive or draining. Where do you live from?

Energy – Creativity – Prosperity?  Work – Time – Money?

Prosperity could appear as money or the direct material thing you need. How we relate to money or life work is a new paradigm to digest.

How is your relationship to money?
Does money affect your being in peace?
Do you hold any judgments or negative feelings about money, how you receive or earn money, or those who have more money than you?
Do you love and respect physical money or ignore your bank account, crumple your bills, or suffer paying bills?

Clearing our relationship to money supports living in inner peace. There are many wisdom teachings and coaches available to shifting money paradigms. The Braveheart Women Female Success Model, Rapid Eye Technology and the Unity Ministry are three resources that changed my relationship with money. I now value money as a tool or fuel for my life purpose. I have a greater capacity to receive and give. I have a greater capacity to enjoy every aspect of my life. I am open to a prosperous life including money flowing peacefully into my life.

I welcome your questions and insights on facebook: Activating Peace Inside Out Community.

Namaste, The best in me sees and appreciates the best in you.
Sushila Mertens