Activating Peace Inside Out: Contents

Welcome to Activating Peace Inside Out.

My purpose in this life is to anchor the balance and respect for all life. We are all part of nature and I choose the power of love over the power of money; unity over separation and peace over violence.

In this reality life breathes us. Our bodies thrive on harmony. We crave creation and love. Our connection seeds our motivations, thoughts, words and actions. Each one of us that gets this evolves from a dreamer to becoming healthy cells thriving in a healthy ecosystem.

How do we return from the box that was created to the circle of life? We awaken parts of our brains and turn on our parasympathetic nervous system to engage in creation. We access who we really are as creative beings in this universe. We tap into the creative intelligence by listening deeply with our entire body, warm heart and magnificent brain. We do no harm starting with our bodies until we understand and live all that no harm means. We are evolving from survival to thriving in this game of life.

On my journey exploring peace, I created Activating Peace Inside Out sessions to bring clarity to my thoughts and test the truth of my assumptions. I gathered tools into my Activating Peace Inside Out Tool Kit that support my connection to source, calm my mind and body, and allow me to access inner peace. I to I invite you to explore the sessions:

On each exploration you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become aware of your assumptions about peace
  • Assess where you are on a continuum rather than judge yourself
  • Learn processes and tools to experience and embody inner peace
  • Receive support and to share your process with others.

If you would like to journey with me, read and engage in Activating Peace Inside Out sessions, open to your inner self and dialogue in a peace journal, create your own peace tool kit, and share your insights and wonderings on Facebook. I look forward to being in peace with you.

Namaste, The best in me sees and appreciates the best in you.
Sushila Mertens


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