Meet Sushila

IMG_0644Through unconditional love, pure intention, and the power of presence,  my ministry is dedicated to personal transformation and empowerment with peace, ease, and grace.

Welcome to my world.

Credentials:  B.A., M.S. Education;
M.S. Library and Information Science;
Master Rapid Eye Technician;
Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui Western tradition and Komyo Japanese tradition as taught by Hyakuten Inamoto;
BraveHeart Women Ripple Host, DYBO Specialist, and Female Success Model Coach

I live a simple lifestyle on a small organic farm with my husband in the beautiful foothills of northern California. We enjoyed raising our son and daughter in the country with the beautiful Yuba River and Sierra Nevada Mountains. I enjoyed 20+ years as a children’s librarian sharing stories and my love for the imagination and learning. I also studied and practiced the metaphysical and healing arts. My first yoga class led me to Eastern spirituality and a life full of interesting journeys:

  • Teaching Integral Yoga in the 70’s
  • Living at the Ananda community in northern California
  • Receiving Reiki attunements in the 80’s
  • Completing massage school and a Catholic Lay Ministry program in the 90’s
  • Receiving Rapid Eye Technology training in 1998 and Master RET level in 2009
  • Learning from Joyce and Barry Vissell, The Shared Heart relationship workshops
  • Practicing nonviolent communication
  • Facilitating Women’s Circles
  • Training in & Coaching the BraveHeart Women Female Success Model
  • Exploring the United States, China, Mongolia, the Rainforest in Ecuador, Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I made a life changing choice to enroll in a summer organic gardening program at a Yoga village in California. I met Ralph and knew I had found my life partner. We never left Nevada City. We both received First and Second Degree Reiki in 1981 and 1982 and graduated from Massage School. I received Level III/IV Mastership in 1999 and teacher level training in Komyo Reiki Kai in 2011.

As our son and daughter joined us, Ralph became the housefather while I earned two Master degrees in education and library science and supported our family as a librarian. I believe Reiki and my skills as a Rapid Eye Technology coach have helped me cope with the stress of raising a family, working full time, and life itself. I can say I enjoyed all the things the culture I grew up in expected of me. As the parent/employee stage ended, a new world opened.

I began attending many women circles and exploring a different perspective of the dominant culture. Not much – from mainstream entertainment, food choices, education, to war – makes sense to me. I love nature, people and relationships. I notice the suffering and the trauma that humans, animals, life, and the planet are experiencing. It does not have to be so. Women have been largely left out of history with less opportunity to change the laws or write the policies. My experiences led me to conclude that empowering women to speak up from inner strength and courage would make a difference on our planet. But how could I help women embody this courage?

My first BraveHeart Women Rise gave me the answers. The oxytocin breath, Dance Your Buts Off (DYBO), and the Harmony Circle brought me out of my head and into my body. I felt grounded and calmer. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for DYBO training. The more I moved, the more I felt embodied. I felt bolder. I tried new things. I was listening more to my inner needs and feeling younger and more excited to be alive. I hosted a Harmony Circle and again did not hesitate to sign up for the Female Blossoming Model and Ripple Host Training. The experience awakened my lioness courage to attend Rise in Portugal and become a coach and host for the FSM Weekend Getaway.

My blossoming led me to blog on Activating Peace Inside Out which is developing into a program and teleseminar.

All of the practices I teach allow me to continue blossoming with ease. My intentions are to be fully engaged in life with no regrets when I die.   1456715_10151854712478004_1399391597_n

I am glad to have the time now to share with my clients a very holistic approach to living in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and Life Skills and the BHW Female Success Model are powerful processes that allow us to release stress, to clear unproductive patterns of behavior, and to learn new skills for creating the life and relationships that support us. Giving yourself daily Reiki treatments will enhance everything you do.

I invite you to explore with me these transformational tools and to create the life you desire.

Contact me at or 530 305-6045 for coaching, classes and private sessions.

Sushila Mertens