Choosing Success on Your Own Terms

Have you ever considered what success looks like for you?
The dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”
There are many women who may have accomplished their aim or purpose only to find other parts of their lives out of balance. If you are healthy, wealthy, and satisfied with your relationships and connection to purpose, then skip reading this post. However, if you want improvement in any of the big 4, then the Female Success Model may serve you. Here are a few gems you will learn to bring ease into success:

  • Prevent burnout by retraining your Hypothalamus, which is the command center of your brain, and learn to access your parasympathetic pathway (that’s the opposite of ‘fight, flight or freeze’).
  • Ignite your personal, professional and global purposes and discover where these three energies reside in your visceral body, and most importantly, learn to embody and emanate each.
  • Shift into a new state of thriving by determining what your specific default surviving pattern is and learn tips to keep it dormant.
  • Begin to process your new state of wholeness by training your subconscious mind and calibrating your brain waves through a simple daily and fun practice.
  • Start harvesting all your cosmic, metaphysical and spiritual ideas in the physical reality by learning to activate and expand your magnetic field of energy.
  • Increase your innate ability to succeed by learning what “Intention Units” are and how they contribute to the flow of your chi, which is the circuitry of your life energy.

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