Living the Reiki Principles and Right Attitude

ReikiAnyoneff5d7fThe Reiki Principles can remind us of right attitude for this time of year. Our conscious thoughts and actions can make a significant contribution to the world. Use the Reiki symbols learned in Reiki II training on yourself as well as for others.

Just for Today, Let Go of Anger.

  • Take long deep breaths when waiting in lines or traffic or whatever else triggers anger.
  • Draw the Power and Mental/Emotional symbols on your palms and give yourself Reiki. Ask your anger if it is telling you to shift into positive action, then acknowledge and release it.
  • Use the Distance symbol to release anger from the past.

Just for Today, Let Go of Worry.

  • Worry is simply fear. Fear of the unknown is a waste of your time and energy.
  • Ground yourself and clear your chakras.
  • Affirm: I have a calm mind, calm heart, life is good.

Just for Today, Be Filled with Gratitude.

  • What are you thankful for? Write it down. Give thanks.
  • Use the Distance Symbol to send Reiki into your past, present and future so that  you become grounded in a life of gratitude.

Just for Today, Be Present in Your Work.
Devote your attention, will, and love to whatever you have chosen to do in exchange for your livelihood. Bringing right attitude to your work or home will bring greater harmony in your interactions with others, thus dispelling tensions that arise from challenging situations. If you hate your work or life, change it.

Just for Today, Honor All Living Things.

  • If negativity grabs you, take 3 deep breaths. This would be a good time to ground and give yourself a Reiki treatment.
  • Draw the Power and Mental/Emotional symbols on your palms and place your hands over your heart.

Send Reiki long distance to people and places in need of healing with the request that if the energy is not welcomed, it will go someplace else. Reiki can do no harm.

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