Some Panoramas

Here are a few of my favorite photos of mountains, hills, and canyons:

Mt Shasta California
Mt Shasta, California. This was my first mountain. My parents took me camping here when I was a kid.

Annapurna Range
Annapurna Range, Nepal. Probably the most amazing place I have ever been. These photos are from Mohare Danda.

Annapurna Sunrise
Annpurna Sunrise, Nepal

Annapurna Sunrise
Annapurna Sunrise, Nepal

Annapurna Clouds
Annapurna Clouds, Nepal

Napali Coast Kauai
Napali Coast, Kauai

Torres del Paine Chile
Torres del Paine, Chile. The most difficult and miserable backpacking I have ever done.

San Juan Argentina
San Juan, Argentina. I walked up this hill from that little village on the right.

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Bryce Canyon Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah

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