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In July 2010, I completed my dual degree master’s program and quit my corporate job to travel around the world for one year with my girlfriend who was participating in a global studies master program. We lived an extended amount of time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bangkok, Thailand, and Hamburg, Germany. Using those cities as our base camps, we took shorter trips to Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Singapore, India, the Netherlands and France. We visited 13 countries in total. The point of the trip wasn’t to go to as many countries as possible, but rather to meet old friends, make new friends, and learn about the world.

The world tour started in California in July 2010. The Americas phase of travel through Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile completed in December 2010. The month of January 2011 was spent traveling through Australia and New Zealand. The Asia phase began at the end of January with travels through Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and finally India. The final phase of the trip covered Germany, France, and the Netherlands from May to August 2011. The trip ended when I arrived at Sacramento airport August 12th, 2011.

All the fun is recorded forever right here on

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