Black Forest Hike to Feldberg

Black Forest Hike
The trail from Hinterzarten to Feldberg is great for enjoying the wet and green German Spring. It had rained the entire previous week and along the trail we saw plenty of forest streams and rivers. The green grass full of flowers and mossy forests were perfect for photos, which you can see below.

The first part of the trail is pretty easy, but if you get tired along the way you can take a rest to enjoy some good food or a beer at the Raimartihof before heading on to the beautiful Feldsee. Feldsee is a small, dark lake in the Black Forest that is one of only two lakes in Germany containing the rare underwater fern Stachelsporiges Brachsenkraut.

The trail from Feldsee to Feldberg gets a little more interesting with a fun climb over some roots and rocks. During winter the Feldberg is a popular and busy ski slope, but in the spring time it is much more quiet. At 1,493 m (4,898 ft), the Feldberg is the highest mountain in the Black Forrest, and you can enjoy a 360 degree view at the top. I really recommend this fun Black Forest hike from Hinterzarten to Feldberg because it’s a great way to experience the diverse Black Forest with plenty of trees, meadows, lakes, and mountains to enjoy along the way.

Black Forest HikeBlack ForestRaimartihofRaimartihofFeldseeFeldseeFeldseeFeldbergFeldberg

A few resources if your interested to learn more:

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