Quanjude Peking Duck Restaurant in Beijing

Peking Duck
Thanks to China’s new transit visa policy, I was able to visit Beijing during a long layover without any paperwork or fees. During my visit I saw the Forbidden City and then met a friend who took me to one of China’s most famous Peking Duck restaurants. Little did I know, the Quanjude Peking Duck Restaurant is actually the best roast duck restaurant in Beijing (according to one website). I’ve never had Peking Duck before, so I was surprised to see how it is served. You have to roll the duck, some veggies, and sauce all inside of a little rice tortilla, kind of like a Chinese duck taco. Oh, and you are supposed to do all of the prep and rolling using only your chopsticks. It took a while to get the hang of it, but after 10 or so duck tacos I almost had it figured out (and I was really full!). Another interesting thing was that we only got the crispy skin with only a tiny bit of meat for the tacos. It was a little fatty but really tasty and I was glad that we got the opportunity to try Peking duck in its home city. Read on for step by step Peking duck taco making instructional photos…

Step One: Take duck

Step two: Dip in sauce and put on rice taco

Step three: Add veggies

Step four: Roll using only chopsticks

Step five: Eat!

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