Thai Street Food

Just about everyone knows and loves Pad Thai, one of the most famous dishes from the Thai kitchen. But while Pad Thai is good, there are many other great Thai dishes and Thai street food that are just as tasty and shouldn’t be missed if you visit Thailand. Here are a few ideas for your next trip. You can also practice pronunciation for some of these dishes with Bon on youtube.

restaurantSome of the best Thai food is made on the street in “restaurants” like this. There’s something about the atmosphere and open air cooking (and good prices!) that makes the food taste better than at expensive sit-down restaurants. If they have a wok, then they can probably make you any of the following:

Ka-prao gai kai dow (chicken with holy basil, rice, and egg)
ka-prao-gai-kai-dowThis is one of my favorite Thai dishes. Most of the time the chicken is chopped up very small, but my favorite ka-prao gai is from a little street stand by the Tha Tien pier on the way to Wat Pho. They use big chunks of chicken and it tastes much better. The food stand/restaurant is on the right as soon as you leave the covered pier shopping area.

Su-ki Nam Tallay (seafood soup)
su-gee-nam-tallayA tasty soup with vegetables and small noodles

Rad-na Tallay (seafood soup with thick noodles)
rad-na-tallayThis one has a little less veggies and the flat thick noodles like the ones in pad see ew.

Som Tam (green papaya salad)
som-tamThe classic Thai salad. You can (try) to order this without the rotten fish sauce to make it a little more tame.

Pad Macaroni (stir fried macaroni)
pad-macaroniA Thai version of macaroni noodles. This isn’t so common but if you find a place that makes it then try it because it can be delicious!

Hoi-Tod (Stir Fried Mussels)
musslesWe saw a guy making this at the Krabi food market and we had to try it. The mussels are fried with batter and some veggies. Really greasy and delicious.

Ho-mok (Thai Curry Tamale)
curry-tamaleA mixture of curry, egg, and squid or fish steamed in a banana leaf. A friend of a friend makes this delicious Thai street food in Tcha-cha-chai in north Phucket and they are amazing.

Pla Sam Rod (fish in sweet and sour sauce)
plaA big fish with sweet and sour sauce or crispy pepper sauce is always a good idea!

If you want to see even more Thai dishes, check out this Wikipedia page!

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