Freiburg to Staufen e-bike Tour

more ridingHave you tried out an e-bike yet? They are kind of like regular bikes except they have a battery and a motor which makes them heavy and very expensive. More importantly, some e-bikes can go really fast, like the Raleigh that I rented last weekend. My top speed was about 45 kph, which is just about 28 mph. I found it funny that I had to check the speedometer while driving through towns where the speed limit is 30 kph or lower. The electric motor also comes in handy for hill climbing and traveling long distances. In one day we e-pedaled from Freiburg over the Schönberg to Staufen and then back again. The roughly 40 kilometer trip would have been a pretty intense workout on a normal bike, but on an e-bike it was a relaxing, easy ride through the woods and vineyards. I definitely recommend renting an e-bike (a fast one) for a day if you ever have the opportunity because it is great fun!

On the way out of Freiburg we rode by the solar panel covered Sonnenschiff building, which was the first energy positive commercial building in the world. We were lucky to have a sunny day to enjoy the green fields with cows, sheep, horses and goats, and all the vineyards. In Staufen I found a shop that had 700 different kinds of Scotch, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to go in so I’m saving that for next time.

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