Freiburg Münsterplatz Farmers Market

Freiburg munster marketThe Freiburg Münsterplatz farmer’s market is a great place to buy some tasty veggies, yummy sausages, flowers, or lots of other stuff. It’s open from Monday through Saturday, 7:30am to 1:30pm. On Monday it starts out small and then it gets a little bigger every day and by Saturday the Münsterplatz is completely packed with stand and shoppers. On the north side of the market you can find local produce from the region, and on the south side there are merchants selling all kinds of things. For lunch a grilled wurst from one of the many wurst stands is a must. The Freiburger Lange Rote is a special long red sausage from the region, and there are also many other kinds to choose from. Vegetarians have no excuse for missing out on the fun because there is even a tofu wurst stand!

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