Marzipanning a Cake

IMG_4880I’ve made a few cakes in my life but never really focused on the presentation. After watching Billie and Annabelle from Confection Perfection a few times I decided to give it a try. My friend Anthony made a buttermilk cake and then came over to my kitchen to direct and supervise the marzipanning process. Read on for a photo journey through our first marzipanning. Disclaimer: I am not a professional baker and I make no guarantee that you will be able to perfectly marzipan a cake after reading this. Marzipan at your own risk.

We started with a simple two layer cake and chocolate filling:


Next the marzipan was rolled out using a rolling pin with spacers:

The cake was covered in apricot jelly to help the marzipan stick (the jelly was boiled, strained, then cooled):


The most difficult part of the procedure is picking up the marzipan and centering it correctly on the cake. Our marzipan was 1/4 inch thick and stayed together pretty well when we picked it up. We did use two people though for the lifting.

At first we didn’t quite understand how to flatten out the waves but after watching Billie and Annabelle one more time we got the lift and flatten process figured out.

I think I cut the sides off a little too close to the cake. I should have cut them a little further out so that they could be tucked under to make a straight side. In production we could wrap it with a ribbon or put something around the bottom so you wouldn’t see it anyway.

Next up is some practice making flowers with the left over marzipan.

Ok maybe we got a little carried away…


The first piece!!! You can see on the sides that we didn’t push in the marzipan enough because it was not fully adhered in some places. We were very gentle with the marzipan since it was our first time but next time we will have to make sure the sides are done properly.

Thanks for reading, good luck with your marzipanning!



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