Epic Bike Ride to REI Mountain View

Bike PathThe epic bike trip to the anniversary sale at REI Mountain View is complete! We started in Sunnyvale and our first stop was an estate sale in Mountain View. Unfortunately they only had a few Rolexes and Breitlings that weren’t in such great condition so we biked onwards. We rode up the Steven’s Creek Trail over to the Hetch-Hetchy trail and through a Google complex to reach the Hacker Dojo. I needed to check it out for potential co-working space for future startups. It’s is a nice place but has a little bit of a funny smell. After the quick detour we headed back to the Stevens Creek Trail and took it all the way up to Shoreline Park for some frisbee and a picnic lunch of cheese and crackers. We watched a few little sailboats circle around the lake while we ate. With a full stomach we peddled slowly over a Sunday traffic jam on 101 and arrived shortly at REI. The place was packed and there were sale items all over the place. I picked up a backpack and a little backpacking stove and then we were off again. On the way back home we made a slight detour to look at on open house for a typical Bay Area overpriced $750,000 three bedroom townhouse and then we celebrated a successful trip with a Napoleon and Tiramisu at the Olympus Cafe & Bakery. Continue on for the GPS track.

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