I’m in Nepal right now and it is amazing. I spent about 10 days trekking with friends in the Annapurna area and now I’m in Kathmandu for one more week. We decided to forgo the tourist treks to Annapurna base camp and instead visited a handful of small villages to get the real, local experience. We stayed at small guest houses and homestays. The highlight was eating dinner with a family in a small kitchen where the small wood stove was both the heater and the cooking stove. The Nepali people that we met were pretty tough and impervious to cold. One night I was freezing and bundled up in three layers of clothes with a scarf, beanie and gloves and then I saw a Nepali woman washing her meter long hair in a public water source with near freezing water and no towel. I saw another woman walking through the snow in sandals. There were also many men and women on the trails carrying heavy loads of firewood, building materials, or other supplies. On our way to one village we asked one man carrying a 10 meter long beam how the trail would be and what he called “flat” turned out to be a few hundred meters of vertical descent. On our treks I was constantly amazed by both the people and the landscape of Nepal. If you visit I highly recommend getting outside of the cities and tourist areas to discover some of the worlds most amazing people and nature.

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