A Day in Hong Kong

I thought a day would be enough to see Hong Kong but boy was I wrong. The only things I had planned to see was the peak and the giant escalator, but after a few hours of walking around I realized there was way more to see. From the moment I stepped out of the airport express train terminal I was completely disoriented by all the huge buildings and cars and roads. I had to step back into the terminal to look at a map and then I managed find the bus terminal. I took a bus up to the peak and it took about 30 minutes to drive up the winding mountain roads. The view of the city from the peak was amazing and I got some Japanese tourists to take my photo. I road the tram down and it only took a few minutes and then after consulting another tourist map I was off to the escalator. The Escalator is the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world and it was as awesome as I had imagined. Halfway up there was a machine to swipe your bus card to get some credits for walking so I was able to add a few HK cents to my card. After that I wandered around and went to some parks and a harbor. Hong Kong was very impressive for me with all of the hills and millions of buildings. It earned a place on my list of favorite cities and I would like to return someday to spend more time exploring.

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