Patagonia Part IV (and Tierra del Fuego)

Dec 4 3:00 EL Calafate
Currently I am sitting in front of the laundry place waiting for it to open. Two shirts was not quite enough for three weeks of travel and hiking. Yesterday we went to see the Perito Moreno glacier and it was pretty incredible. We started with the boat ride and I was looking out at the glacier thinking that it didn’t look so big. Then after the boat we walked up the hill and looking down the boat looked like a speck of dust next to the giant glacier. Then we walked a little higher and we could see out over the top of the glacier and it seemed to continue on for ever before disappearing into the misty clouds. Looks like the laundry place is open, so we can get our clothes before heading on to Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia.

December 7 10:14pm Lapista del Andino Camping
The last full day in the south was amazing. We went to the Tierra del Fuego national park and it was my favorite place down here. The shoreline of the Beagle Chanel was amazing with beautiful stones and shells everywhere. The water was beautiful as well. Ushuaia is a pretty cool town. I think I like so much because it has mountains on one side and a harbor on the other. When I walk through I keep looking from the mountains to the boats and I love it.

December 8 1:04am Tent
I had a really cool evening in the cooking room at the campground. We had a big discussion about camping cooking and everyone was showing off their food and taking about what they cook on the trail. After dinner I sat on the hill to take some pictures of the southern sky because I’ve been down here for almost three weeks and never made time to look at the stars. Hopefully the pictures turn out ok.

December 8 4:15pm somewhere over Argentina
It is exciting to be flying back to Buenos Aires right now. My short trip through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego was a real adventure. I covered a lot of miles by foot and by bus, saw incredible sights, and met some really cool people. The most memorable were the three Czech guys who shared some of their home made plum liquer with me, Glen from Northern Ireland who I hiked part of Torres del Paine and then randomly met again at a camp site in Ushuaia, and Luke from Buenos Aires who was at the same hostel in Calafate. There was also the cool French guy who I met in Puerto Natales who I might meet again in Thailand for rock climbing, two cool guys from Brazil who shared dinner with us, a number of Israelis who I kept seeing in different towns, and many other people who were also in the process of completing crazy adventures. The wildness of the nature and the weather was very impressive. The mountains and the sea challenged me with strong, icy winds, rain, and even some snow. I’m very happy that my little tent was able to keep me warm and dry through everything. Now it is time for a day of repacking and preparing for the next trip to the north.

Dec 8 11:38 pm San Telmo Buenos Aires

Back in Buenos Aires, wohoo!!!

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  1. Luke,

    Enjoying life! This is great and absorb and experiences the cultures of the world.


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