Patagonia Part I

Nov 18 9:00pm Buenos Aires
I leave buenos aires with a wicked throat cold and perhaps a bit of a fever. A friend who I met here said that it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to the city life, to the air, the noise, the excitement, but it is not an adjustment that you are ever really happy about. I got really sick the first week of my arrival, and now I leave sick. I’m not sure if I was ever really not sick because I always felt on the edge with my health. Right now I am very much looking forward to some open country in Patagonia.

But enough of that. I am now sitting on the Manuel Tienda Lion bus after a Subte ride from Carlos Gardel to Ritiro that I am now quite famiilar with. I arrived just a few minutes before the bus left, which was a little stressful. Next stop is the EZE International Airport where I will take the 10:50 pm flight to Rio Gallegos. I will have a lot of time to waste between my 3:00 am arrival and my next bus at 1:00 pm. Should I sleep at the airport or the bus station? I haven’t yet decided. I am feeling pretty tired right now though so I think I would be able to sleep anywhere.

So now I am off, and I’m bringing all of my past backpacking lessons learned to Patagonia. Will my clothes be warm enough? Will there be a clear day to get a good view of Fitz Roy? Will my tent get torn apart by the incecant wind that I keep reading about? The next week will be my longest trip travelling solo and probably the craziest and most unplanned as well. Hopefully I will meet a lot of cool people and everything will work out.

Nov 18 10:11pm EZE
I just had a heck of a time trying to find gate C in here in the airport. The way that the ticket agent pronounced ‘C’ and the way that she wrote it were both very strange. I couldn’t find a gate C anywhere, and I just realized that it actually G. I had another moment of realization when I saw someone walk through the security check with a bottle of Sprite. I could have saved my water for the flight instead of drinking it all in the security line. In the United States you aren’t allowed to bring water through security and onto airplanes because the U.S.A. is the land of the free. Anyway, I am now stuck in a little room with no water and no restroom. That’s what I get for trying to rush through security. Then everyone started standing in line to get on the plane and I thought what’s the rush, I should just sit and relax, but I didn’t. Just now they called out only seats from 15 to 28, so I wasted my time standing in a line to get onto a plane that there is no rush to board. From now on I will slow it down a bit and try to relax. It’s time to leave behind the high speed city life and enjoy some slow time.

Nov 19 3:20 Rio Gallegos Bus Terminal
Well I arrived at the Rio Gallegos airport to find that it was basically just one very bright room with a lot of people. I realized at that point that I really didn’t know what to do next. As it would happen, at exactly that moment a taxi driver approached me and asked if I needed a ride. He took me to the bus station and now I am sitting in it. There are a couple of people sleeping on benches and the night manager is playing some music in spanish, playing a video game with anoying zapping sounds, and coughing like crazy. At least the lights are out though so it’s an improvement over the airport. I just hope that my bus actually leaves from this terminal because the ticket says ‘ask at ticket desk where bus leaves from’. I still have ten hours to figure it out, but I think for now I’ll see if I can get some sleep now.

Nov 19 9:32 Rio Gallegos Bus Terminal

With the rising of the sun the terminal changed from a quiet, dark haven to a bright and bustling hub of travellers. There are plenty of backpackers and busses with pictures of mountains and glaciers on the side. I like to guess where people are from by the brand of their backpacks. There are a lot of Deuters and one Osprey, but I am the only one with and R.E.I. pack. Let’s see if I will find another before the trip is over.

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