I enjoyed a wonderfully cold and snowy weekend in Baden-Baden. It was so cold that my beard froze during a walk to the top of the Merkur (the local peak). The funicular wasn’t operating so we walked up through a blanket of crisp new snow. At the top of the hill we surveyed the snowy countryside from the lookout tower. The minus ten Celsius temperature provided an exciting opportunity to finally field test my N-3B parka. The parka performed admirably, and supplementary Gl├╝hwein from the Weihnachtsmarkt and a visit to the Caracalla Therme also helped fight the cold. The Therme was very fun and relaxing. The best part was sitting outside in a hot jacuzzi pool watching steam rise from the water while snow fell from the sky. We also enjoyed the Baden-Baden Casino tour, a walk down Lichtenthal Alley, and a mass at Kloster Lichtenthal. Baden-Baden is a really enjoyable holiday town and a great place to start a winter vacation in Germany!


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