Yosemite for a Day

My friend and classmate Vick asked me if I wanted to go to Yosemite on Saturday. I thought about it for a minutes and then decided sure, why not? We left the bay at 6:30 and picked up another classmate, Mike, in Livermore. I’ve been to Yosemite a few other times, but always in the off-seasons. I have never before seen so many people and so much water in the park. The waterfalls were roaring and filling the Merced River to the brim. The contrast from my last visit when all the water was frozen was amazing. We hadn’t planned it, but we ended up doing a waterfall tour of the valley.

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Our tour began with some random fall along the road above the valley for our first photo op. That little waterfall got us warmed up for the obligatory stop at Bridalveil Fall where I got my first impression of a Yosemite fall at full force. The walkway leading up to the fall was covered in water and the air was full of mist.

Next we headed over to the Yosemite Falls and enjoyed the crowds of people. After that it was time for a beverage break by the Merced before heading over to Curry Village for some pizza and ice cream. With our bellies full of pizza we were ready to head up to our final waterfall of the day, Vernal Fall. The last time I had hiked out that way it was winter and the mist trail was closed, so it was cool to finally get to hike it. A better name for the trail would be rain trail, because by the time we got to the top we were completely soaked. There was so much water in the air that it was difficult to take pictures, but I was willing to risk my camera for a few shots of a sweet rainbow.

When we got back to the valley we were all pretty tired and ready to go. Everyone else had the same idea and we got stuck in some more traffic. We got back to the bay sometime after 10, and I was so tired that I decided day trips to Yosemite are fun but next time I’ll bring a tent and stay the night!

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