May Euro Trip

Luke: “Hey Will, $396 for a 6 day trip to Europe, you want to go?”
Will: “Heck yeah!”

Day One, Thursday May 21

Will and I arrived in Frankfurt Flughafen around 9, jumped on the ICE train and arrived in Freiburg around noon. We were met by Angie and Stephanie at the Freiburg train station, had some lunch, and then headed up to Strasbourg for some sight seeing and dinner. Then we drove out to St Märgen to spend the night.

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Day Two, Friday May 22

Will, Stephanie, Angie, and I enjoyed a morning walk through St Märgen. Next it was off to the Bodensee, but of course on the way we had to stop at the Titisee for some laughs and tourist stuff. When we got to the Bodensee, we met up with Silke, another Stephanie, and Angie’s mom for some pizza on the lake. After we ate our meal, we drove over to the Affenberg Salem to feed some monkeys. The monkeys were pretty fun to hang out with and they ate popcorn right out of our hands. I did almost get into a monkey brawl though, because I was smiling and showing too much teeth, which turns out to be a sign of aggression in the monkey world. When we were done feeding and provoking monkeys, we headed to Meersburg for some ice cream, and then hopped the ferry across the lake to Konstanz. We finished the day with a bike ride through the city to local beer garden.

Day Three, Saturday May 23

Saturday was a long tour through Switzerland. We drove out somewhere to see a crazy house by Hunderwasser. Somewhere between the crazy house and Schwägalp we lost the other car in our caravan going around one of those crazy roundabouts, or Kreisverkehr as they’re known in Germany. We managed to meet back up at Schwägalp, our next destination, where we took a gondola up to the top of the Alter Säntis mountain. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely incredible, and we went on an amazing hike along a rocky ridge (even though some lady told us we would die if we did the hike in our shoes). Because we are crazy, we hadn’t yet done enough that day, so we drove out to Wasserauen and hiked up a crazy hill to the Seealpsee (which I think translates to “lake alp lake”). At the lake we commandeered a small row boat and took turns rowing around in circles. When we were done with that it was finally time to call it a day. We hiked back to the car and drove to Sevelen where we stayed the night in a creepy little Swiss cabin that looked like it came right off the set of Evil Dead. But we were able to sleep pretty soundly with only one minor zombie incident so I can’t complain.

Day Four, Sunday May 24

On Sunday we left Switzerland for cute little Liechtenstein. The day started with my first successful Geocache on the old Vaduz covered bridge. After that we enjoyed the Vaduz castle and a stroll through the city before heading off to Malbun. Malbun is an incredible little town up in Liechtenstein mountains. We took a ski lift up to the ridgeline, where we could see Liechtenstein on one side and Austria on the other. We had a few snowball fights up there and we also did a little bit of mountaineering which finished with an glissading descent. Tired out from Liechtenstein, we headed back to Germany for a dinner on the island of Lindau. Our travel group split up after dinner, and I went back to Bodman with Angie while Will went and got lost with the rest of the girls.

Day Five, Monday May 25

Angie and I made the most of our last day with a long hike from Bodman to Sipplingen. We walked through a nature preserve around the lake, and through forests and fields. In the evening we met up with Will and the girls for our last dinner in Konstanz and visit to the beer garden. Then it was time to drive all the way back to Freiburg, where we got a few hours of sleep before our 6 am ICE train took us back to Frankfurt for the flight home.

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