Climbing Donner Summit

I got together with some of my friends for some bachelor party climbing at Donner Summit. On the drive up we got a little scared when it started pouring rain in Sacramento on Friday, but Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for climbing. We were planning on climbing the Snowshed Wall, but there was too much snow and ice blocking the approach, so we drove around looking for another wall. We found two great places right off the road, which I think were Peanut Gallery and Road Cut. I had only researched Snowshed so we had no beta on any of the climbs. My friend Chris took a look at Bolt Run and said it looked easy, so I setup for a lead climb of what turned out to be one of my least favorite climbs ever. We set up two top ropes and sent everyone up a few climbs. My friends John and Ryan had never climbed much before, and they really impressed me with their ability to get to the top. We even sent my buddy Sean up a climb with a slick ascender setup that Will and I put together. Sean is slightly handicapped as his legs don’t work, but he was able to get up the rock with our rig.

After Peanut Gallery we moved down the road to Road Cut and did some really fun climbs. I started it off with a lead of what I think was Escargot. Some guy told us that it was a 5.10a, but it was actually a 5.11a. It was a really fun climb though; it had awesome little pockets in the granite and some sweet little ledges. John and Ryan were both able to get up this one on top rope, albeit with a little hanging. After that Will, Chris, and I messed around on some cracks to the right of Escargot. We all top roped what I think was Big Shot, which was an awesome tiny little slab/crack. I first watched Chris send it and it looked very difficult and painful, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it very amiable.

We all had a great time at the Summit, and we will have to go back to do the Snowshed Wall and some other awesome looking climbs at Road Cut. I would definitely do Escargot and Big Shot again, but I will skip Peanut Gallery altogether.

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