Grand Canyon Trip

Arizona Trip

My friend Wilhelm Falknorovsky and myself flew out to Las Vegas to meet my girlfriend and her three friends. We then proceded to drive about 1000 miles through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah to visit some amazing canyons. We started with a night in Las Vegas where we bought the worlds most expensive Red Bull and Vodka. Next we drove over the Hoover Damn to Flagstaff, which was our base for visiting the Grand Canyon. We hiked the South Kaibab trail and the Grandview trail. Next we drove up to Page, and then on to Bryce Canyon and Zion National park, where we froze over night in some Tipis. We woke up at 4am to drive for a few hours to the airport and then we flew back home. The landscape was really amazing and the girls were really fun to hang out with. No one died in any quicksand or flash-floods, so it met the minimal criteria for a good trip!

South Kaibab Trail
Grandview Trail
Bryce Canyon

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